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We have collected footage from phones devices, home security cameras social media accounts etc  from different people in Houston and Oklahoma city and put it together for you to watch and see something real happen ..We don’t make movies so no acting or fake sh*t because there is enough of that on the internet and Tv ..Stop watching love and hip hop and look at real life …this is like watching straight out of Compton while it was happening and that was a movie this is real…The story is about a pimp ass dope selling nigga named Young Dope Man you probably have seen him around the net if not google him …he is from Okc home of KD  , Westbrook and the thunder….and he put in that work 1 -35 south !!!! a student of Pimpin Ken and a member of Don “Magic” Juan”s Church.. After the death of Dope Man’s love Wendy Black. He introduces a bitch from Houston she was a church girl turn bad he met through Dloc in Tulsa Oklahoma  who he calls Henny Red aka Houston Rosie to the game she has her hoish ways and has been threw the ends and outs of being with regular niggas on that sucker sh*t  so she was perfect for Dope Man . Now she ready to ride hard for a nigga of a different kind… you will see real actual footage from a drug house  located inOklahoma city  the  drug deals , sex ,  fights and how it all goes down .. not to mention other niggas you will see appear such as  Arab top goon out of philly French Montana who is a long time friend of Dope Man, Pimpin Ken shows up to keep it Pimpin after he see Dope Man may have feeling for Houston Rosie but are the feeling real could she ever replace Wendy Black or is Dope man using the Game he got from the Bishop? Fake love goes a long way with a hoe! CHUUUURCH …watch what happens when Houston and OKC fuck around!! 4 part Series  each part  is 2 hours  or more of pure game and real life! Order it today on Demand!!

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